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Engineering Materials & Metallurgy Lab

This lab is established to measure the grain size of any material, its hardness, various heat treatment processes etc.

Abrasive Cutting Apparatus

     Jominey and Quench Test


Strength of Materials Lab

The lab has been established with a view to carry out experimental work on materials and their properties on equipments like Universal Testing Machine, Creep and Fatigue testing

 Machine Impact testing machine tensional testing Machine, Hardness Testing Machine.
  Universal Testing Machine

  Impact Testing  Machine

Torsion Testing Machine

Applied Thermodynamics Lab
The lab is designed to carry out experiments to study the performance of different engines and basic laws of thermodynamics.
Diesel Engine Test  Rig               
with hydraulic dynamometer     
Petrol Engine Test Rig       
with electrical dynamometer
Models of Boiler

Models Of Accessories of Boiler

Fluid Mechanics Lab
The lab is set up with a view to study the behavior and properties of fluids by making use of latest equipments like Meta-centric height apparatus, Bernoulli’s apparatus, Reynolds

apparatus, Venturimeter and Orifice Meter
Orifice Apparatus

      Bernoulli’s Apparatus


Manufacturing Process Lab

Experimental work regarding various manufacturing processes like welding, casting, machining etc is carried out in this lab.
 Milling Machine Lathe Machine’s

Lathe Machine

Theory of Machince Lab

The Lab has latest apparatus/equipment like Dynamics Balancing Machine, CAM Analysis Apparatus, Gyroscope, Universal Vibrating Machine,

Gear Train Assembly etc.

  Hartnell Governor

Gyroscope Couple

Gear Train

Heat and Mass Transfer Lab

The lab is equipped with apparatus like parallel and counter flow heat exchanger, apparatus for measuring heat transfer properties under natural and forced correction, heat pipe

demonstrator, fluidized bed characteristics apparatus and pin fin performance apparatus.

Heat  Conduction Though Slab Apparatus

Forced Convection Apparatus

      Critical Heat Flux Apparatus
Automobile Engineering Lab

Practical Study of various automobiles regarding its engine, other internal components and driving system is carried out in this lab.

  Assembly of  Jeep

 Cut Sections  Of Engine

 Steering System


The CAD/CAM Laboratory provides an instructional environment in the areas of computer aided drafting and manufacturing, NC programming, and solids modeling; and a

computing environment where students can put to practice the concepts and principles they’ve studied in their lectures.

Computer Aided Drafting lab

     Jominey and Quench Test




Robotic Arm with Flexible Manufacturing Cell

Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Lab

This lab is established to study and understand vapour absorption refrigeration cycle, vapour compression refrigeration cycle, refrigerants and air conditioning system.

  Domestic Refrigeration Apparatus   

Cut Sections Of Refrigeration Parts

Air Conditioning Testing Rig

Fluid Machinery Lab

This course aims at developing an understanding of the behavior of fluids in motion or at rest and the subsequent effects of the fluids on the boundaries. The study of this subject will

develop analytical abilities related to fluid flow.

Kaplan Turbine

     Reciprocating Pump

Pelton Wheel Turbine

Pneumatic Circuit Trainer

Cut Section Of Pneumatic control board 

Basic Hydraulic Circuit





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