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R & D Facilities

The faculty members in our department are engaged in active research work in their respective fields of interest covering different areas such as Materials Science, Communication Skills, Mathematics, Physics and  Organic Chemistry etc. and have collaboration with  Research laboratory of IIT,NIIT. They have valuable publication in National/International Level. Beside all these, the Head of Applied Sciences Department (Dr J.S. Bhullar) is also actively involved in guiding Ph.D students and also  guided eight M.Phil students. Recently, he also visited to London and China to present  a research paper on an International conference


  • Presented a paper on topic “Generalized Measure for Two Utility Distributions” in "The 2010 International Conference of Computational Statics and Data Engineering (World Congress on Engineering 2010),London U.K.” organized by IAENG Hong-Kong in year 2010 (July)


  • Presented a paper on topic “On Repeated-Root Cyclic Codes and Its Weight Enumirator” in The 2010 IEEE International Conference on Information Theory and Information Security Beijing, CHINA on Dec 2010.


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