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Engineering Graphics & Drawing Lab
Chemistry Lab 
Electrical Engineering Lab
Communication Skills Lab
Workshop of Manufacturing Practices
Physics Lab

Physics   Laboratory is well equipped with apparatus according to the revised syllabus of P.T.U  and their  also some apparatus related to research  work of Material sciences and Nuclear Physics. Students are instructed to strictly   follow the instruction displayed on the notice Board of Physics  Laboratory before the start of experiment .The Major Equipment of the laboratory are:

1 Hall Probe  Set up

2 Stewart Gees Apparatus

3 Water bath shaker

4 Travelling Microscope

5 High Resolution Microscope

6 He-Ne Laser

7 PN Junction  Diode

8 Zener  diode

9 Photodiode

10 Optical Fiber  Attenuation Kit


Chemistry Lab

Chemistry lab is fully equipped with all the apparatus required according to PTU prescribed syllabus. Chemistry lab also serves the requirements related to research and project works of other departments. Variousinnovative models and charts are there for demonstration. Lab has lab manual for all the experiments, proper instructions are given to the students about the experiment before student start performing it. The major equipments are as follows besides glassware apparatus:
1) Digital Photocolorimeter
2) Digital pHmeter
3) Digital potentiometer
4) Hot plates
5) Hot plates with magnetic stirrer
6) Double bed deionizer
7) Digital conductometer
8) Digital weighing Balance
9) Muffle furnaces
10) Electrical furnace
11) Hot air oven

English Language and Communication Skills Lab

Beneficial for students/staff as it makes them understand the modern way of oral/written presentation through the help of Technical supporting material like Multimedia projector, Public Address System, language Software and other modern equipment. It also teaches them the non-verbal skills and behaviour in a formal Group. The English Language & Communication Skills Lab monitors and guides students towards enhancing their soft skills through the material stored in the systems. He hears the recorded lessons through headphones, and can even hear his/her own voice by this means. The major Practicals conducted in the lab are:
1) Paper Reading
2)‘Just A Minute’ Sessions (JAM)
3) Oral Presentation / Seminars
4) Debate
5) Group Discussion
6) Situational Dialogues / Role Play
7) Describing Objects / Situations / People
8) Information Transfer
9) Telephoning Skills
10) Giving Directions
11) News Reading
12) Mock Interviews
13) Introduction to the Sounds of English- Vowels & Consonants
14) Introduction to Stress and Intonation
15) Listening & Practising English Pronunciation

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